The 22nd year with Partners at the Philippine USA Business Economic Council (PCCI), destination Philippines, for the bi-annual meet up, will be offering 8 eventful days of Investment destination and Business to Business opportunities (B2B) in Calabarzon (Region IV-A); with contacts at the Manila Hotel during PCCI’s 44th PH Business Conference; and Davao City as well as Davao Occidental (Region XI).

Calabarzon represents vast potentials in their agriculture, tourism, and Export Zones, not to mention the unified approach to their consolidated Districts.

The 44th PCCI PBC at the Manila Hotel is expected to have important representatives from Korea, Japan, China. With Mission heads for these countries well under PCCI, FPACC delegates will have an opportunity to network and meet great potential for partners.

Calendar of Events

15-16, 2018
Calabarzon tour of Investment Destinations to all Districts with Governors of 5 Provinces.
17-18, 2018
44th PBC; B2B; FPACC/PUBC Fireside Chats with Notable Guests – Manila Hotel
22-25, 2018
Davao City; Davao Occidental Medical and Relief/B2B Mission – Governor’s Hall and Malita District Hospital
July-Oct. 10
PP Slides for TM/HM
Road Show and Marketing for Fed. 2-18 Ongoing. Pls. schedule Pres. Cunning and YOS in advance.

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