1.    Why do I have to join the Oct. 2016  FPACC Trade Mission/Business  Conference to do business in the Philippines?

Reply:   There are significant value propositions why you should attend the trade mission:

•    You gain competitive advantage while exploring new markets in an organized and supportive environment.   FPACC allows you to save time and money in searching and planning for the logistics of booking meetings/appointments with your potential buyers and vendors for your business needs.   Likewise, it allows you to focus on preparing your best pitch for these B2B or one on one meetings with your business partners.
•    Meeting new people will open new opportunities to market your business/products/services.
•    Being present allows you to gain valuable market insight/s and create relationships to your potential business partners by having face to face meetings.

2.   What activities will happen during the 5-day business conference?

Reply:   Various structured activities will transpire during the 5 day event:

•    General plenary sessions involving top Philippine government officials and   business leaders from the private sector speaking on the economic platform of the Duterte administration and the ongoing projects taking place.
•    Business/market briefings on key economic sectors in the Philippines.
•    Breakout workshops on Philippine industry specific sectors – e.g.  agriculture, infrastructure,  construction & engineering, manufacturing, mining, renewable energy, business process outsourcing,  real estate, health services, import/export trading, tourism and medical tourism.
•    Breakout workshops for the international delegation – government ministers and private business leaders from the USA, Africa, Caribbean, and Brazil.
•    All week long business to business (B2B) meetings/business match making activities;   signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) agreements between businesses.
•    International Trade Exhibit showcasing participant products & services.
•    Plant/facility visits and field tours of the Malacanang Palace and selected historical sites.
•    All week long business networking.
•    Formal gala night & themed dinner/party hosted by the Philippine Chamber of  Commerce & Industry (PCCI) and the Philippine US Business Council (PUBC), respectively.

3.    I do not own any business right now but I am interested to explore opportunities where I can invest my money.  Can I still attend the conference?

Reply:   Yes.  This serves as educational and learning experience for prospective Small & Medium Enterpreneurs (SMEs).

4.    Is there a package price for signing up with FPACC’s October 2016 Trade Mission?

Reply:   None.   Delegates are responsible for booking their individual airline tickets,  hotel accommodations and optional package tour/s.  We have published suggested hotels and their rates on thewww.fpacctrademission.com website and the booking person to contact from PCCI.  Likewise,  details of the optional Palawan tour is available for viewing at the website.

5.   How much is my estimated cost for this trade mission trip?

Reply:     Cost breakdown is as follows:

•    Conference Registration Fee:   $500.00 / person
•    Airline Ticket  – Roundtrip ticket from origin to Manila and vice versa.  Cost varies based on location.   (e.g.  LAX – Manila – LAX –  $620.00 lowest economy rate at this time)
•    Hotel Accommodation  (Oct. 10 – 15  or  6 nights).  Discounted hotel rates vary among the 4 suggested hotels.   For example for Belmont hotel,  flat rate/night/room is  $88 x  6  nights =  $528.00
•    Optional Palawan Tour (Oct. 16 to 19 or 3 nights) =  $685.00/person  all inclusive of  domestic airfare, inland transportation while in Palawan, food and lodging.
•    Estimated MinimumTotal Cost/Person:    $2500  more or less (with the optional  Palawan tour)

Note:   Based on current  US $ to Php Peso Exchange Rate:    $1  to Php 47.00

6.  Should I still pay the $500 registration fee even if I  attend 1 or 2 days only of thebusiness conference or  I plan to join the humanitarian mission (Oct. 16 to 23) or the Palawan optional tour only?


7.  Can I still avail of the discounted hotel rate even if I check in earlier than Oct. 10 or checkout later than Oct. 16?

Reply:   Yes, as long as you are part of the FPACC international delegation.

8.  Will I get refunded on my registration fee if I decide to cancel?   

Reply:   Conference registration fee is strictly NON REFUNDABLE.

9.  How many pieces of luggage can I bring with me on this overseas trip?   What is the maximum weight allowed?

Reply:    2 pieces of luggage total of 107 in. (273 cm) with no piece exceeding 62 in. (158 cm). Total of 100 lbs. (46 kgs) for the 2 pieces with no piece exceeding 50 lbs. (23 kgs).

10.  Are there scheduled airport pick-ups?

Reply:   The Resorts World  hotels have complimentary airport pick-up and drop off services but it would be best to call/email first PCCI Representative  Mr. Juriz Rae Raz who is in charge of  hotel booking arrangements to confirm the pick-up schedule.

11.  What time does the conference registration check-in starts on October 10?

Reply:  October 10  –  starts at  1 pm and ends up at 10 pm.  The registration check in booth will be open for late attendees from 8:30 am to 12 noon on  October 11.

12.  Can my spouse/partner/friend/relative not pay the conference registration fee but be able to attend/pay only the gala night on Oct. 13 and/or  the  dinner/dance night on Oct. 14?

Reply:  The gala night on Oct. 13 & dinner/dance night  to the tune of 70’s & 80’s on Oct. 14 are strictly for delegates only who have paid their individual conference registration fee of $500 each.

13.  What is the recommended attire for the various events during the trade & humanitarian missions?


•    October 11-13  Plenary Sessions & Business Workshops –  Business Casual
•    Gala Night  –   Formal or Barong/ Filipiniana
•    Dinner/Dance Night to the Tune of  70’s / 80’s –   Party dress in fashion to the 70’s/80’s genre.
•    Field Trips/Site Visits/Manila Ocular Tours  –   Smart casual and comfortable working shoes.
•    Humanitarian Trip  –  light shirt for men and women and tennis shoes.
•    Palawan Optional Tour –  light shirt for men and women,  tennis shoes & swim wears

14.  Who to contact with when in Manila concerning :
a)  Problems related to hotel bookings:

Reply:   Mr. Juriz Rae Raz  –  +632 8468196 loc. 134 (during business hours only);  for call after office hours,  please contact the hotel directly.

b)  Information regarding conference schedule, workshop schedules, speakers,  lunch distribution,  B2B meetings,  MOU forms,  paper & writing supplies, printing requirements,  bus schedules for ocular tours during the Oct. 14 & 15 local trips.

Reply:   Secretariat Committee headed by  Ms. Mary Ann Omega –  Manila Contact No. (TBA) or Trade Mission Project Director Gerry Palon – Manila Contact No  (TBA)

c)  Optional Tour to Palawan

Reply:  RP Jubilee Tours headed by Mr. Lance Rolda  –  Contact No.  (TBA)

15.  How do I obtain a local SIM card for local phone calls?

Reply:   SIM cards with loads are available for sale in any convenience store within or near the Resorts World Complex.

16.   Is it safe to go outside the Resorts World Complex at night?

Reply:  YES.  It is recommended though to be with a local resident who is familiar with the places to go in Metro Manila.  Taxi cabs & Uber cars are also available in the resorts world complex area who could bring you to your desired places in Metro Manila.  Also, you could check with your hotel concierge for other information you need to obtain.

17.  In case of emergency (e.g.  ambulatory services,  any accident requiring immediate attention,  any security  related issues,  etc.), with whom should I coordinate with?

Reply:     You can contact anyone of the following:   (Manila contact nos. TBA)
•    TM Project Director  –  Mr. Gerry Palon
•    Secretariat   –  Ms. Mary Ann Omega
•    Security  –  Messrs. Ben Menor,  Ed Orpina, Jerry De Tagle,  and Ms. Karen Johnson

18.  Are we required to give tips/gratuities to restaurant food servers, hotel bellboys, airport porters?

Reply:   It is recommended though not required.  Minimum of 10% gratuity in restaurants is recommended.  Hotel bellboys typically receive between $2 to $5.  Airport porters :  Php 50 per luggage.